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MLB Fan Cave

Tri North Lighting teamed up with Paul Dimeo to help light and become a proud sponsor of the 2011 Major League Baseball Fan Cave. Starting on Opening Day, the winner, Mike O'Hara, will inhabit the fan cave every day for the entire 2011 MLB season along with his Wingman, Ryan Wagner, and will watch all 2,430 regular season games plus every Postseason game while chronicling their experiences and sharing their viewpoints on baseball and pop culture through Facebook, Twitter, a blog on, custom videos and regular appearances on MLB Network.

The MLB Fan Cave, located at the corner of 4th and Broadway in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, will play host to interactive fan activities; regular visits from MLB players, baseball personalities and celebrities; parties; musical performances; and other events throughout the baseball season. With 32 14-foot windows, O'Hara and Wagner's every move and all of the events at the MLB Fan Cave will be visible to fans out on the street as well as fans online.

For more information please visit: MLB fan cave


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